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Best Homemade Vanilla Extract


Now, I know what you may be thinking: Do we really need another blog post about making vanilla extract? Because if you’re like me, you’ve been overwhelmed with the countless options google presents you with. But that’s exactly why I’m … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap!

Foaming Hand Soap

I’d always wondered why foaming soap cost so much. I mean, it just looks like watered down soap to me. Then I found out that… is. When I saw how easy it was to make my own, I almost felt … Continue reading

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Spilling the Beans: Why I’ve Been Gone So Long


Even though I love surprises, I’m horrible at keeping secrets. And this secret was a very big one: Caleb and I are expecting our first baby in April! Right now he’s the size of a kumquat. Or the size of … Continue reading

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