Cloth Diaper Love


They told me it would be addictive. I just didn’t believe them when they said it could happen to me. But now, just look at me . . . 18 cute cloth diapers later, and I think I may be slightly obsessed. I say slightly because I’ve got this thing under control.

You see, while I may love folding those little bootie covers, imagining what other colors and patterns my baby might wear, and yes, even matching certain diapers to color coordinate outfits, I do only have 18 of them. (Unless of course someone would like me to test one out and do a giveaway on my blog . . . Then please oh please pick me! :D)

You know what I think is even funnier than my *slight* obsession with them? A couple of years ago I never would have pegged myself as a cloth diapering girl at all. (Or a mom, even. But I digress. ) I imagined stinky poo stuck on a freshly soiled diaper, while I attempt to spray the mess into the toilet and not onto myself. Oh the stench, the odor . . . The sheer grossness of it all.

So what gives, you might ask? What changed your mind? Well, sadly, the answer is money. Envision pretty good size chunks of it. Now imagine throwing some of it away every time your child succumbs to her nature-ly urges. (Yep I just made that one up.) Which I found could be more than a dozen times a day. While you might have that money to throw away, I quickly realized I didn’t. But there was a second thing that bothered me. This:


Now I’m not exactly a tree hugger kind of girl. I just can’t fathom being wasteful, not with any of my resources, and I do believe in leaving the world a better place for our children and in sharing with others. So, cloth diapers it was. Whatever ones people wanted to give me, and in whatever color it didn’t matter. At first. And then it happened . . . I saw how utterly adorable they were . . . and started imaging one in every possible color . . .

I see you there, giving me that raised eyebrow look.

Don’t judge. You’ve been forewarned: It might very well happen to you!

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