First Trimester: Why Does My Baby Look Like a Dinosaur?

The First Trimester

The other day,  I told Caleb what I thought of my pregnancy experience so far: 

The first trimester is a little discouraging. I mean, I feel like crud most of the time and my baby looks like a dinosaur.

No laughing, you guys. This isn’t funny, you know.

Oh, and I also decided that I have felt like a little kid again…Since I became a picky eater and it seems all I did for a while was eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom! (Thanks to a certain little kumquat sitting on my bladder. :) )

Anyway, it actually wasn’t that bad and it’s all worth it for such a great cause. But in the meantime, the well-intentioned words I received from friends and family – such as, “It will all be over soon” – didn’t help me much at the time. Here are a few things that did:

And here are some things I enjoyed:

I’m really excited to see what happens in the second trimester. Now that I’m feeling more like myself, and Baby looks more like a baby, I’m looking forward to having more of visible bump and feeling our little one move!

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