How to Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap!

Foaming Hand Soap

I’d always wondered why foaming soap cost so much. I mean, it just looks like watered down soap to me. Then I found out that… is. When I saw how easy it was to make my own, I almost felt silly for sharing the “recipe” with you. But if you’re like I was, and you didn’t realize this was possible, you’ll be happy to see how incredibly easy it is to make your own and save a good chunk of change. And, let’s face it – it’s just more fun to use instead of the regular ‘ole stuff. There’s more bubbles and….well, foaminess!

So, are you ready for this? Here’s what you’ll need:

First, clean the stickers off your pump if you need to. Then measure a tablespoon of castile and pour in. Add water until you reach the “fill to” line – about a half  inch from the top. Add a few drops of your essential oils, and gently tilt upside down to mix everything. Now test it out and see how it works! If it’s too watery for you, you can always add a little bit more castile to the mixture. This soap also works well as a shaving cream.

Note on the soap pump: It’s a lot cheaper to buy a foaming soap dispenser with soap already in it, than to buy one of those without. Although I’d love to have this cute mason jar foaming soap pump:

You can either buy some semi expensive good foaming soap without all the added chemicals, or you can buy the cheapest pump you can find (less than $1.50) and just dump all that nasty triclosan loaded crap down the sink (like I did). Either way, you will save money. And if you figure out how to make your own foaming soap pump, let me know!

Oh wait . . . You wanted to know what triclosan is? Well, it’s an antibacterial agent found in a lot of different products, but especially in antibacterial soaps and toothpaste. Now I know “antibacterial” may sound like a good thing, but besides the fact that antibacterial agents destroy both bad bacteria and beneficial bacteria, there are other reasons to be concerned.  For instance, did you know that triclosan reacts with the chlorine in tap water and creates a compound similar to that found in Agent Orange? Yeah, I know. That doesn’t sound good to me either. But wait, there’s more! Just google “triclosan side effects” and see what else pops up.

Now go enjoy your homemade foaming soap, worry free!

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