I Changed My Mind About Coffee

Coffee cup with beans in it

I always used to say, “I like a little coffee with my milk and sugar.” And I love the smell of coffee. Basically I just liked coffee flavored desserts, but I thought that coffee itself was too bitter and harsh to drink.

That was then – probably up ’til about 3 years ago and I rarely drank coffee. Fast forward to today and I now enjoy hot coffee nearly every morning without any sugar in it at all. So what gives? Well . . . I’ve gained a little knowledge since then. For instance, coffee, freshly roasted and then ground only just before being brewed, tastes much different than the pre-ground Folger’s cup I had been used to for most of my life! I know, who would have thought? This has been such a revelation for me. I mean, I’m here to tell you, even you non-coffee drinkers who think coffee tastes bad (and who can blame you), REAL fresh coffee is NOT BITTER and does not require the addition of sugar. It can have amazing flavor profiles, ranging anywhere from earthy to bittersweet or dark chocolate to black tea to fruity. Most of these only require the addition of a little cream or milk if you like the taste and you might not even dream of adding sugar to them.

If you don’t believe me, just stop by our stand at the Columbia Farmer’s Market and let me brew you a sample of our coffee that has all been home roasted within the past few days. And while you’re at it, why don’t you bring a friend?

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