I Was Wrong About Flexi Hair Clips

Lilla Rose braided bun flexi

(Disclaimer: I like these hair clips so much I decided to become a consultant.)

Before I tried a Lilla Rose flexi clip, I had convinced myself of several reasons why I would never buy one. They are the same reasons I wouldn’t normally buy a hair product that costs more than a few dollars.

  1. I’m too frugal. The most expensive hair product I’ve ever bought, and this was maybe two times in my life, were a pair of hair sticks from Claire’s. They were not worth it because of reason #2.
  2. I’ve broken most of my hair products, mostly because my hair is so thick.
  3. Hair clips are uncomfortable and ponytail holders just fall out.
  4. I’m too practical. I mean, most of the time I don’t wear jewelry or even put on make-up, so why would I put my hair in a fancy hair style with a dressy clip? At least not on a daily basis. (Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that. I just like to keep things simple.)

I had never heard of Lilla Rose until a friend started selling these things called “flexi clips,” which are supposed to work in any type of hair. I thought they sounded too good to be true. But she has several daughters with long hair similar to mine, so I thought maybe she knows what she’s talking about. When another friend of mine started wearing thstrong, I got really curious. Again, being practical, I still didn’t want to buy one before I could try it first. So I entered one of her giveaways, you know, just in case I got lucky.

Well, guess what? I won a medium flexi of the month, and waited eagerly for it to arrive since I had just broken my last hair clip and was tired of my ponytail holders constantly falling out or getting caught in my hair. When I tried the flexi, I couldn’t believe it – this clip actually stayed where I put it. It was . . . . actually comfortable. I could put it in my hair in the morning, and completely forget it was there until time for bed. It was even pretty. (To my surprise, there are plenty of styles to choose from that are not too fancy for me.) And it really wasn’t complicated at all – it’s very easy to use for the simple hair styles I’m used to, like a ponytail, bun, or half-up.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that I can’t break a flexi? I’ve bent mine every which way, and so far it still looks great. I’m also very klutzy, so if anyone should be able to break one, it would have to be me.

So do I think these are worth the price after all? Absolutely! I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted over the years on inferior products. Or time I’ve wasted re-adjusting my hair constantly. (You know what they say – time is money.) Or hair I’ve lost. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to pay more for healthier hair and a head that doesn’t hurt!

Well, I am not a salesperson, but after wearing one for a while (okay, who are we kidding, it only took a few days), I started getting this crazy notion that maybe I would like to become a consultant. I just really love these things and want others to have a hair product that actually works too. When I share about the flexi and someone wants to buy, they might as well buy from me, right? Just smile and nod. ;)

(Here’s my link should you decide to look around: www.lillarose.biz/melodybrewer. Anytime you shop through one of my affiliate links, I get a little bit of the sales at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support of this blog!)

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