GMOs and Sin – From My Journal


GMOs and Sin - From My Journal

The more I learn about food and our bodies, the more I am fascinated by how our physical lives relate to our spiritual lives. I am reminded that no matter what we do on earth, it is all somehow a bigger picture of what is going on inside of us spiritually.

I am so fascinated with the way God has made things so that everything points back to him. Could it be that he is working hard to win our hearts by revealing more of himself through the things he has made? I believe he is. Always gently nudging us with sweet reminders of who he is, what he has done for us, and how we should live. Never pushing, never harshly punishing, always loving, always forgiving – even when we walk away from him.

He made us, and he knows our human frailties, our temptations, our tendencies to drift away from him. Yet he loves us in spite of all we have done, all we will do, and who we have become.

So what are all these ways he reminds us of himself, you may ask?

I’ll give you an example.

Since I have begun my journey into healthy living, he has opened my eyes to the many correlations between our physical and spiritual bodies. The day I really noticed this was a day that I happened to be reading about GMO’s. (Not UFO’s, mind you, but GMO’s. There is a difference. But probably not much.) Up to this point, I had no idea just how dangerous these food ingredients (those genetically modified) were to our bodies. In fact, for the better part of my life, I had no idea what they were or even that they existed.

However, this article that I found had piqued my interest, and I found that the more I read, the more horrified I became. GMO’s can cause damage to liver and kidneys? Birth defects and fertility problems? Allergies? Create a “living pesticide factory” inside me?

“Why would anyone want to eat these?” I wondered. “Why would anyone want to risk that kind of physical damage to their body?” My first, impulsive response to the information I had received was this thought:

“I don’t want to eat those things, not ever again! Not even a little bit! I don’t want any of it passing through my lips.”

Then came God’s gentle reminder –

“You seem to care so much about what enters you physically. But how much more important is it to have the same response to sins in your spiritual life?”

That’s when it hit me. If I’m willing to say, “I will never eat (insert dangerous, unhealthy, potentially life-threatening food here) again,” how much more willing am I to say, “I will never let that sin in my life, not even a little?”

Thank about it.  How much more important is it for us to say, “I don’t want to allow another sinful thought through my head”? than it is to say, “I don’t want any more genetically modified garbage to pass through my lips”?


II Corinthians 10:5

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