If Jesus is Who He Says He is


If Jesus is Who He Says He is

This is a guest post by my husband Caleb. Enjoy!

As my wife and I have been going through this journey of trying to live healthier, we have come across so many helpful websites and resources from people who seem so well informed and flat out passionate about this stuff. And when I say passionate, I mean their lives are consumed with healthy living. It has become what they always talk about, their hobbies, jobs, and even their obsession. I am not saying this to be mean to these people, because the way I see it, the reason living this way has become so important to them is that at some point healthy living changed their lives, or is still changing their lives. I have seen people who were at the brink of death who changed the way they ate, only to find new life again, and be delivered from death. If you ask me, that is pretty freaking awesome. I mean, if I had something like that happen to me, I may just quit my job and start making my own herbal formulas, then start a website that says, “Eating this way and living this way changed my life.” I may even travel around the world and devote all my time to telling people how I was saved from near and certain death! I mean, if something so impactful happened in your life, wouldn’t you?

I was thinking about this one day after my wife read me her journal entry about GMOs and Sin. God began to speak to me and I started thinking. What if everyone whose life was changed by Christ took this same approach? I mean, If Jesus is who He says He is and did what He said He did, then what are we doing? What are we waiting for?

Now I know that there are people who have devoted their lives to sharing the gospel, but I am not talking about them – I am talking about me and you! What are we waiting for? If Jesus set you free and you know it, then let’s live it!

We are not all called to be pastors, teachers, or prophets. Some of us are called to be homemakers, salesmen, computer techs, etc…, but “We are all called to be lovers for Christ, bold in broken places, pouring ourselves out over and over again until we are called home.” (Jamie Tworkowski)

So this is my point. If living healthier lives can create such a shift in some people because it saved them from physical death or just plain makes them feel better, so they use everything they have to tell others about this amazing thing they have found, shouldn’t those whose lives have been forever changed and saved from a spiritual death be even more excited to tell others what has happened to them? Shouldn’t we be well informed about Christ? Shouldn’t He become what we always talk about, the center of our hobbies, jobs, and even be our obsession? I feel the need to say this again. If Jesus is who He says He is and did what He did, (and I believe He is) then what are we doing?

If there is anyone reading this who wants to know how Jesus can change their lives please feel free to email me at: [email protected]

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