What To Do with the White Space


What to Do with the White Space

Today’s post is from a dear friend of mine, Rachel Clausman. A published author of a set of children’s stories, Rachel is currently working on a young adult novel. You can read a new chapter from her latest book, Projected into Place, every week on her website, rachelclausman.com. Or check her out on facebook.

Tomorrow starts today. Today is part of tomorrow and beyond. Perhaps at one time or another every single one of us has declared that life will start and get infinitely better when ____ (insert desired occasions: i.e. get married, buy a new home, score that new job, take that long awaited international vacation).

And while we are waiting for these big events to happen, we unconsciously do not see the opportunities to develop what we want in the future right now, in the easily forgettable trenches of the ‘unimportant days’. We don’t see that the everyday grind of today is all apart of, and equally important to the more noticeable ups and downs we experience and remember.

I know that I have a habit of sectionalizing my life. In the past I have lived for those big moments on the calendar, when life in between these worthwhile escapes is just empty space that could not seem to get out of the way fast enough. But life is not comprised of a set of snapshots. Life is one continuous motion that we can make as good as we would like, and the quality of your life is not determined by what stage you are in or what events you have compiled that you are trudging through your work day to get to.

I understand, getting up everyday in the same bed and having the same breakfast and going to work at the same time everyday may not seem like it does anything for you personally. But if you look closely into these ‘bland’ and ‘usual’ days, you will find the hidden blessings in each one. Though I still fail at times, I try to be fully present in the right here in now, even when it is just a ‘normal’ day, with nothing going on. And instead of waiting for something exciting to happen to me, I will see if I can go about my usual routine enjoying every minute fully, no matter how mundane it may be.

And it is all about the routine, the practice of everyday life, especially when we are trying to develop character traits such as patience, hard work, and self sacrifice. When it comes to our own growth, the battle for a steady and patient spirit is won in the continual in and outs of life. It is the practice of living grandly in a very simple day. Don’t dismiss that blank space on your calendar. It is just as important as the one colored in with stars and bold cheerful letters. It is a God given day. Pencil in some happiness.

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