Spilling the Beans: Why I’ve Been Gone So Long


Even though I love surprises, I’m horrible at keeping secrets. And this secret was a very big one: Caleb and I are expecting our first baby in April! Right now he’s the size of a kumquat. Or the size of a prune. I prefer the prune, since I’m not very familiar with kumquats. I wonder what they taste like? Hmm . . .

Anyway, the other reason I’ve been gone so long? It’s called morning sickness. Or all day sickness. For me, it meant that looking at computer screens for any period of time caused me to feel nauseated. Apparently computer screens have this barely noticeable, yet constant flickering which can trigger nausea. Who would have thought?

So, now that I’m feeling better, I hope to start posting some more exciting and useful articles for you. Including some on pregnancy! Look for a post about my first trimester in the next couple of weeks. Hard to believe it’s already almost over!

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